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MainDentistry in Moldova and Dental center of advanced technology and professionalism.

Dentistry in Moldova and Dental center of advanced technology and professionalism.

Welcome to Center for Aesthetic Dentistry !
Harmonious and beautiful smile represents the lifestyle of each of us. Wear your smile with pleasure.
Change the world with a smile.
Image creates the success, and a beautiful image becomes perfect, combined with a perfect smile.

Center for Aesthetic Dentistry – dental clinic was founded from the passion for beauty, being a ultramodern clinic, equiped with high-end gear, with qualified specialists, which use masterly techniques and modern technologies.

Dentist Balan Victor is the founder of Center for Aesthetic Dentistry. He has a practical experience of over 18 years, which offers high-quality medical services  with a great level of professional training, with participation at international congresses. He has tight relationships with other medical specialists, keeping up with the latest global methods.

Your wishes are, indeed, our priorities.

  • We treat with care and with individual attention, in a relaxing environment, confortable and safe.
  • We care about your health and safety of medical personnel. That’s why, we take strict measures so that you can benefit from a dental treatment realized in good conditions.
  • We approach every case with professionalism.
  • We want to meet the expectations of our customers from all points of view.
  • We use high-end gear, that guarantees top results and the success of procedures.
  • We work with the best materials from experienced manufacturers, internationally recognized.
  • We use the latest methods of treatment.
  • We offer individual solutions and innovative services. Our range of services is suitable for all our customers;
  • We offer effective solutions to both sides: those that want to solve a problem, and those that explore new territories of health and beauty.


Hygiene conditions

In order to guarantee safe treatments, with no risk of contamination, the space intended for procedures, each dental room, was designed and equiped according to latest provisions of the actual legislation:

  • Sterilization installations of air with UV, ensure the permanent decontamination of air excluding the risk of cross-contamination;
  • Bactericidal rebreathers that decontaminate surfaces;
  • Antiseptic flooring;
  • Device for medical shoes of single use, used by patients during the time spent in the clinic, in order to follow hygiene rules;
  • Disinfectants of the highest quality used for the disinfection of the contact surfaces: dental units, floors, furniture;
  • No-touch systems for hand sanitizing;
  • Tools and single use materials: bibs, glasses, needles, gloves, masks, mouth aspirators.

We use sterile water at rinsing during dental procedures.

Before and after each patient we keep a preparation period of the room, nurses disinfect all the contact surfaces.

Possibly contaminated materials are collected and destroyed through autoclaving.

Our personnel at each start of the year studies newest methods of sterilization and prevention of contamination with infections.

Center for Aesthetic Dentistry guarantees of good hygiene and aseptic conditions according to European standards, with strict control over sterilization. In this way we remove any risk of contamination with viral agents and dangerous microbials such as viruses of hepatitis B,C, HIV virus, Koch’s bacillus etc. Efficiency of sterilization is verified and accredited by the Ministry of Health. We use the autoclave Europa B ProTehnogaz which is designed on latest technologies available for B type sterilization.

Tool sterilization

STERILIZATION is done by the rigorous following of the next steps:

  1. TOOL WRAPPING — tools are packed in special sheets equipped with a sterilization marker, that changes it’s color after the process of sterilization, and thus eliminating the risk of using a non-sterile tool.
  2. TOOL SEALING — packed tools are thermo-sealed.
  3. INSERTION IN AUTOCLAVE — tools are inserted in autoclaves. In autoclaves are also inserted chemical indicators of single use for the control of sterilization.
  4. MODE SELECTION — the recommended mode is selected.
  5. STERILIZATION — sterilization cycle is executed.
  6. COMPLETING THE STERILIZATION — at the end of sterilization, autoclave displays the result and registers on CD sterilization steps completed.
  7. STERILIZATION MARKER CHECK — after they are removed from the autoclave, each bag is examined on color altering with physical and chemical indicator.
  8. STERILIZED TOOLS MARKING — each bag with tools is marked with the date on which the sterilization was made.
  9. ARCHIVING of single-use chemical indicators for the control of sterilization — Indicator is stored in the register of sterilization, in which date and time of the sterilization and the signature of the responsible person are recorded.
  10. STORING OF THE STERILIZED TOOLS — tools are stored in special places designed for this purpose.

Europa B Pro is driven by a new electronic system, equipped with a modern microprocessor
Sterilization cycles
121°C–134°C for packed and unpacked materials
All cycles are done according to sterilization rules of type B.

Center for Aesthetic Dentistry uses quality dental products for it’s patients, coming from well-known providers (Kerr, Septodont, Ivoclar, 3M, Kuraray Noritake, GC Japan, Colten, Ultradent, Dentsplay, implants Alpha Bio Israel), etc. Cu acestea, tratamentele noastre sunt eficiente si durabile.

Dental Clinic in Chisinau Estetica Dentara is pleased to invite patients to dentist’s consultation, during which you can get treatment and prevention recommendations for dental pathologies.