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Clinica stomatologica in Moldova Dental vacation in Moldova 29 11 2019

Discover Moldova on dental vacation! In addition to solving dental problems at attractive prices and with excellent professionalism, you have the opportunity to discover Chisinau. The Republic of Moldova presents a complex combination of forests, gorges, meadows, medieval buildings, fortresses, cities with various architectural styles, wine festivals and etc. As part of the program for […]

Clinica stomatologica in Moldova General dentistry in Moldova 19 06 2019

Dentist consulting in Chisinau Dental consultation is your first contact with a doctor, so we give a great importance to determining the expected result. Since the communication of the doctor with the patient is necessary for your convenience, this session can be longer and includes several steps: presentation and mutual recognition personal data and general […]

Clinica stomatologica in Moldova Aesthetic dentistry in Chisinau 19 06 2019

Teeth whitening in Moldova One of the most popular procedures in the aesthetics of teeth. Designed for those who want to give a lighter and more white color to the teeth that are discolored due to coffee, tea, red wine, etc. Of course, in many pharmacies you will definitely find bleaching agents. But the question […]

Clinica stomatologica in Moldova Implantology and prosthesis in Moldova 19 06 2019

Teeth implantation in Chisinau If you have lost a tooth or several teeth, and you are ashamed when you eat or speak in public, a dental implant is the perfect solution, both aesthetic and natural, which will give you confidence. A dental implant is a metal device that is surgically inserted into the maxillary bone […]

Clinica stomatologica in Moldova Dental surgery in Chisinau 19 06 2019

Tooth extraction in Moldova Tooth extraction is a procedure that scares most people and is considered one of the most traumatic and painful dental procedures. But these fears are often unfounded. Tooth extraction is performed under local anesthesia. Local anesthetics play a role in stopping the transmission of painful, but not mechanical stimuli, therefore, the […]