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Dental surgery in Chisinau

Tooth extraction in Moldova

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Tooth extraction is a procedure that scares most people and is considered one of the most traumatic and painful dental procedures. But these fears are often unfounded. Tooth extraction is performed under local anesthesia. Local anesthetics play a role in stopping the transmission of painful, but not mechanical stimuli, therefore, the only sensation you can feel is a slight pressure when the doctor manipulates the instrument.

Good to know after the tooth extraction process:

  • Anesthetic reduces attention and reduces reflexes;
  • Clot is very important in the healing process;
  • Do not rinse your mouth on the first day;
  • Avoid overloading the body;
  • Avoid extreme heat;
  • ATTENTION: It is recommended to eat food after the termination of the anesthesia, protecting the wound during chewing. Avoid very hard or hot food.
  • Avoid alcohol, coffee, tea and nicotine in the first 24 hours and milk products;
  • The pain calms with analgesics;
  • If the bleeding does not stop, contact URGENT your dentist.

Periodontal curettage in Chisinau

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Gingivitis and most forms of periodontitis can be cured with the help of local procedures for removing bacterial plaque and tartar associated with local or general medical treatment.

More developed forms of periodontal disease with significant loss of gums and bone tissue require surgical treatment.

The main objectives:

  • Elimination of periodontal pockets and their pathological content.
  • Removal of hypertrophic gums
  • Remodeling of soft gingival and bone tissues using biomaterial addition procedures, thus stimulating bone growth and periodontal ligament regeneration.
  • Subgingival open field is a surgical method, which allows you to clean the root surface and remove the affected tissue in conditions of good visibility.
  • Bone grafts and proteins derived from the enamel matrix can be inserted into open periodontal sacs.
  • Curettage is recommended for bags of 4-6 mm and is not effective for large depths.

Guided bone regeneration in Moldova

Operations for bone regeneration or tissues in toothless areas are difficult, but in many cases necessary. Bone volume defect is eliminated by artificial bone under the protection of membranes (resorbable or not) that control healing. These membranes are necessary to protect a new city formed by the invasion of cells from neighboring soft tissues.

The success rate of dental implants inserted into regenerated bone is at the same level as that dental implants were inserted into the native bone. Artificial bone and healing membrane are the key to the whole regeneration process. When choosing a bone graft, it is believed that autogenous bone is most effective for osteoinduction because it contains the patient’s osteogenic cells, but is not stable over time. The addition of artificial bone is a solution that is biocompatible, osteoconductive, similar in structure to the native bone, and biologically absorbable. Artificial bone is not transformed directly into human bone, but is a matrix, the basis on which proliferative bone cells will live. The best results are achieved when combining artificial bone with autogenous bone.

Healing should be carried out under the protection of antibiotics an hour before surgery, and then continue for 7 days, and we also recommend anti-inflammatory and antiallergic drugs to prevent pain and swelling. In the postoperative period, mouth rinses with chlorhexidine, are very useful local treatment and disinfecting gels. Rinsing is done vigorously by simply passing the solution through the mouth for a few seconds.

Gingivoplasty in Chisinau

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Gingivoplasty or gingival plastic is a surgical operation to remodeling the gums that surrounds a tooth. In order to have complete, healthy and functional dentition, in addition to dental care, we must also be interested in the appearance of the gums. Sore or not beautiful gums are both aesthetic and functional obstacles.

Dento-maxillary anomalies include a gum remodeling procedure known as gingivoplasty. This work allows you to restore the morphology of the gingival tissue so that it conforms to the normal contour. Gingivoplasty is designed to give you a gorgeous smile, reaching the perfect contour of the gums.

You can also use other dental services of the center, such as bruxism and caries treatmentultrasonic brushing ures or procedure of sinus lifting.

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