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Aesthetic dentistry in Chisinau

Teeth whitening in Moldova

estetica - Aesthetic dentistry in Chisinau
One of the most popular procedures in the aesthetics of teeth. Designed for those who want to give a lighter and more white color to the teeth that are discolored due to coffee, tea, red wine, etc.
Of course, in many pharmacies you will definitely find bleaching agents. But the question we often hear is that really works. The answer is yes “commercial”, because it works up to a certain level of whiteness and only in a few cases – with truly visible results.
However, the best solution, with a much safer result and with a much brighter white level, is provided by the dentist.


Dental Veneers in Chisinau

fatele dentare 228x170 - Aesthetic dentistry in ChisinauPerfect smile without braces and whitening! Treatment of dental veneers is a “miracle” in restoring beautiful smiles and harmoniously closing the openings and gaps between the teeth, bite correction, large stains, defects in the structure of teeth. Veneers are made according to modern technologies, individually for each patient, in accordance with the appearance of the face, smile line and eye line.

  • Natural appearance after transparency, texture, color and sustainability;
  • Do not transfer temperature changes to the pulp;
  • Does not irritate the tissue around the tooth;
  • Minimum enamel grinding;
  • Does not lose color and does not appear stains in time.

Aesthetic restorations in Moldova

plombe 228x170 - Aesthetic dentistry in Chisinau


The time of metal is gone. Today we are in time of composites and ceramics. We are talking about extremely strong and durable materials, if you strictly adhere to the methods of application. We are talking about aesthetic materials. When caries destroys less than 50% of a tooth, it can be restored with the help of “filling”. Aesthetic filling, however, is not a simple “filling”. To reproduce the natural transparency of the tooth and the reflection of light, should be used special materials and special stratification methods. This is the only way to get aesthetic fillings that perfectly imitate a natural tooth.



Whole ceramic crowns in Chisinau

ceramica 228x170 - Aesthetic dentistry in Chisinau


Tooth decay, poor oral hygiene, older fillings, tooth discoloration, when there is a risk that the teeth wear out much faster, dental crown may be the solution in these cases. One of the main advantages of all-ceramic crowns is the “biocompatibility” of the material used, which leads to a healthy and natural look of the gums. Patients can enjoy the desired white and healthy teeth.



Dental inlays in Moldova

incrustarile dentare 228x170 - Aesthetic dentistry in ChisinauInlays are a new version, superior to fillings, and are the ideal solution for some corrosive damage in the side areas. They are manufactured on a fingerprint taken by a dentist in a dental technology lab using CAD-CAM technology, which eliminates any adaptation defects or other problems.

  • Aesthetic, natural look.
  • Protects teeth
  • Expands and contracts as natural teeth.
  • Does not exert pressure on the teeth during chewing.

You can also use other dental services of the center, such as professional dental hygienedental osseointegration ures or treatment of periodontal pockets.

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