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Implantology and prosthesis in Moldova

Teeth implantation in Chisinau

implant 1 1 228x170 - Implantology and prosthesis in MoldovaIf you have lost a tooth or several teeth, and you are ashamed when you eat or speak in public, a dental implant is the perfect solution, both aesthetic and natural, which will give you confidence.implant 2 - Implantology and prosthesis in Moldova

A dental implant is a metal device that is surgically inserted into the maxillary bone to support the prostheses (dental crown, dental bridge or prosthetic mobilizer).

After installing the implant in the maxillary bone, it takes some time for it to form a connection with the maxillary bone through a process called osseointegration. At the end of the healing period (which lasts from 3 to 6 months), a prosthesis (called an artificial joint) is attached to the implant. A projected prosthetic restoration will be built over the artificial joint.

Most dental implants are made of titanium, they are very well tolerated by the body and do not have an allergic effect, have a high biocompatibility, this material contributes to the process of osseointegration.


Sinus lifting in Moldova

Sinus enlargement is a surgical procedure and is aimed at increasing the size of the bone in the upper jaw. The main purpose of the “sinus lifting” is to add a bone to the sinus cavity in order to obtain the bone size necessary for the introduction of a dental implant. To make place for a new bone, the sinus membrane moves higher. This procedure is performed by a specialist in dental surgery.sinus 2 - Implantology and prosthesis in Moldova

The absence of bone may have several causes:

  • Loss of teeth from the upper arch, especially from the back or molars.
  • Periodontal disease
  • If the introduction of a dental implant is delayed, then the bone volume is smaller.
  • The maxillary sinuses may be too close to this, and this prevents the installation of a dental implant.

Prosthesis in Chisinau

supra de implanti 228x170 - Implantology and prosthesis in MoldovaThe dental prosthesis was revolutionized with the help of oral implantology. Oral implantology has made it possible for dental protectors to use additional supports that can be inserted when it’s necessary.

Prostheses can be attached exclusively to implants (clean implant) or mixed implants (dento implant). The decision for fixed or mobile prosthesis restoration belongs to the dentist. Prostheses on implant can be replaced from one tooth to the whole arcade. They can be made from various materials: metal ceramics, zirconium, etc.

The packaging of the implant is covered to give the appearance of a natural tooth. The hexagonal shape of the end of the implant prevents the blade from rotating. The contact surface between it and the implant has a particular importance. On the implant support is the so-called implant-prosthesis, a mobile prosthetic device. On a small number of implants, a prosthesis can be made that contains special aggregation systems that give the prosthesis to the implant a much stronger support than a conventional prosthesis.

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