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General dentistry in Moldova

Dentist consulting in Chisinau

Dental consultation is your first contact with a doctor, so we give a great importance to determining the expected result. consultatie - General dentistry in MoldovaSince the communication of the doctor with the patient is necessary for your convenience, this session can be longer and includes several steps:

  • presentation and mutual recognition
  • personal data and general medical records in which we record the patient’s medical history
  • examination of dental status and history of dental treatment
  • x-ray of teeth and photos for more special cases and more complex procedures
  • understanding of the special needs and preferences of each patient
  • prioritize from medical, aesthetic and functional points of view
  • drawing up a treatment plan and explaining what it represents and what each stage includes:
    • wax-up modeling, which consists in restoring dental arches of a clinical case, to study models by a dental technician in the laboratory for the purpose of previewing the final result even before the actual treatment begins;
    • indirect modeling (transfer of wax into the oral cavity), which will be “palpable” in the oral cavity.
  • drawing up the estimated cost and determining the order of payment

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Professional dental hygiene in Moldova

This procedure is recommended in the dental office twice a year, but if you smoke 3-4 times a year.igienizarea 1 228x170 - General dentistry in Moldova The main advantages of professional dental hygiene:

  • Aesthetic effect – teeth become much whiter and cleaner in a short time
  • Simple, painless procedure in less than 1 hour
  • Complete and effective cleaning
  • Thanks to two stages – sizing and air flow – complete oral hygiene is achieved, while it is difficult to achieve the same level of hygiene at home.
  • By removing bacterial plaque and tartar, you avoid diseases of the gums and periodontal.
  • Keep your mouth healthy and get a fresh breath
  • Extend the life of the dental work performed in the dental office.

Desensitization in Chisinau

desensebilizarea 1 - General dentistry in MoldovaTooth sensitivity is the result of wear of tooth enamel, roots, dental caries, chipped teeth, or the side effects of teeth whitening.When you have tooth sensitivity, some actions, such as brushing your teeth, chewing and contacting food, can cause temporary or prolonged pain in your teeth.
If you have sensitivity, the doctor identifies and eliminates the main causes of toothache and can recommend you:

  • Desensitization toothpaste
  • Fluoridation
  • Desensitizing gels for teeth
  • Covering the open root surfaces
  • Nerve removal

Bruxism treatment in Moldova

bruxismul 228x170 - General dentistry in MoldovaOnly during the consultation, you will find out that you suffer from this disease. Bruxism is an act of voluntary or forced clenching of teeth during the day or night.

You should call your dentist if you notice: joint pain, ear pain, if teeth do not have proper alignment, if your teeth are erased, if you complain of a headache, if existing dental defect worsens, if your partner feels like in sleeping time you grit your teeth.
You may suffer from bruxism — a disease of modern life that you don’t even understand until you feel pain or tell a dentist. As soon as you notice this, go for consulting with your dentist.

In most cases, dental prostheses are resorted to when worn, made by a dental technician from a flexible material designed to absorb muscle strength and prevent trauma to the teeth and face pain.

Sealing teeth

sigilarea - General dentistry in MoldovaAs each of us can see, the teeth have different anatomical forms for the different functions they perform. The surface of each tooth consists of tooth enamel, which basically does not trap bacteria. Some teeth, especially molars and premolar teeth, specializing in chewing, show on their surface the so-called relief. This relief is necessary for grinding food.

The less positive side of this relief is that it retains bacteria. This is because brushing in some cases is not enough to remove the accumulation of bacteria at this level. The dental seal tightly holds the teeth, so the bacteria have nowhere to accumulate, and this space is no longer held.

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Endodontics services in Chisinau

endodetie 228x170 - General dentistry in MoldovaEndodontics treats infections of tooth pulp and its complication in the tissues under the teeth. Endodontic treatment is a sequence of therapeutic procedures aimed at eliminating the infection of the dental pulp and protecting the zones cleansed from other microbial aggressions. If the tooth pulp is infected, inflamed, or the infection has reached the apical periodontium, endodontic treatment is necessary to save the tooth.
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Sometimes dental pulp can be damaged due to the effect of other categories of factors (which are not microbial). For example, the pulp tissue can be damaged due to heat damage from repeated dental procedures (without cooling) next to the pulp. The pulp can also be damaged by the action of powerful chemical agents in various dental preparations. Regardless of the nature of the causative agent (microbial, thermal, chemical, etc.), dental pulp (like any tissue in the human body) will attempt to induce a defensive reaction against the damaging agent.


Caries treatment in Moldova

caria 228x170 - General dentistry in MoldovaDental caries is one of the most common diseases of the dental system, which is manifested in the gradual loss and localization of hard tooth tissues under the influence of several factors, such as: bad oral hygiene, increased consumption of foods rich in sugar, smoking, stress.

But before the appearance of caries, bacteria are accumulating, which, together with food residue and saliva, it forms a thin biofilm, known as plaque. When you consume foods or drinks with a high concentration of carbohydrates, plaque bacteria convert these carbohydrates into energy for their survival, and so acids are formed, which eventually destroy the layers of the teeth and, therefore appears caries.


You can also use other dental services of the center, such as treatment of large stains on teeth, implantation of dental prostheses ures or gingivitis treatment.

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