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MainDental services and dental treatment in Chisinau.

Dental services and dental treatment in Chisinau.

1. Dentist consulting in Moldova

Visiting our center of dentistry, you will receive professional dentist consulting services on choosing the best and most effective method of dental treatment. A plan will be drawn up that includes Wax-up diagnostic modeling or indirect modeling. Further, the treatment steps will be developed.

2. Prophylaxis

In the word prevention, are combined many measures to prevent diseases of the mouth. We offer tips and advice for oral hygiene, cleaning. We carry out professional teeth cleaning with an ultrasonic device and an Air-Flow device. Sealing and strengthening teeth.

3. Therapeutic dentistry

Therapeutic dentistry – are stomatological services in Moldova solves problems associated with dental caries, injuries and other oral problems. With the help of various modern technologies, equipment and materials we achieve the best results.

4. Dental surgery in Chisinau

Surgical dentistry is the department of dentistry which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of lesions of the mouth, teeth, gums, upper and lower jaws, in functional and aesthetic aspects.

5. Aesthetic dentistry in Moldova

The whiteness of the teeth brightens your face, creating a good mood for you and those around you. Aesthetic dentistry came from the desire of people to have a more beautiful smile. Specialization is aimed at patients who want to have the most healthy teeth in harmony with their appearance. Appearance gives success, and beautiful appearance becomes perfect with a perfect smile. Fortunately, with the help of modern technology and other dentist services in Chisinau, we can help you to gain an exciting smile, lighter and younger as you like.

6. Prosthesis and implantation in Chisinau

We recreate your teeth with fixed prostheses: veneers, crowns, bridges, or removable: with the help of fully or partially removable dentures, bridges. As well as dental prosthetics and dental implants. We use materials of the best quality and interact with qualified specialists, provide personalized work, which is important not only from the point of view of aesthetics but also of functioning.

We recreate your teeth with fixed prostheses: veneers, crowns, bridge prostheses, or removable or dental bridges, but thanks to dental prothesis and implantation. We use the best quality materials and interact with qualified specialists, providing a personalized work, important not only in terms of aesthetics, but also functioning.

7. Children’s dentistry.

Children’s dentistry is very important. To have good teeth throughout life, it is important for children to develop the habit of regular visits to the dentist since childhood. In order to be able to work with children, skills of special training, patience and child psychology are necessary. Dental hygiene is best to start with the appearance of temporary teeth.

8. Radiovisiography

Radiography provides a detailed overview of the teeth, jaw and surrounding tissue. This is important in dentistry, because it helps to establish the correct diagnosis and perform work that is corresponding to each individual situation. All that is necessary for proper and quality treatment, starting with consultations and initial radiography, to the final result and radiographs, will be conducted in our clinic using ultra-modern and accurate equipment.

9. Periodontology

There are many forms of disease in periodontics that can accompany us at any age, and throughout life. They can be easily prevented. You need to take only a few daily hygiene rules and periodically do medical examinations, by enrolling in dental procedures. These little things will help you keep a healthy and beautiful smile.

Our goals

  • We plan to treat you with care and personal attention in a calm, comfortable and safe environment.
  • We are concerned about your health and the protection of medical personnel, so we have taken the most stringent measures to ensure that you receive dental treatment with maximum safety.
  • We consider each case with a high level of professionalism.
  • We want to be on top, meeting the expectations of our customers from all points of view.
  • The latest generation equipment provides the best results and a guarantee of success.
  • We work with the best tools and materials from experienced global manufacturers.
  • We study and adapt the latest treatment methods.
  • We offer an individual approach and innovative dental paid services, as the range of services is aimed at all patients.
  • We offer effective solutions for those who want to solve a problem, as well as for those who are exploring new areas of health and beauty.

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